Frequently Asked Questions


The following are some questions that might hepe you. You may contact eReachUp if you can't find what you need.

Is a web hosting service alone available?

Yes, it is. Two options are available: basic and extended. Select a right option for your need and pay only for the web hosting option.

The difference between custom design and CMS design?

Custom desgin uses the page layout that you provide or one that may fit your ministry. This option generally takes more time than the economic design including interactivce pages. It costs more than an economic design option, but eReachUp offers an affordable choice for Christian ministry.
Web Content Management System (CMS) website uses a CMS theme or template. We proivde either WordPress or Joomla CMS web design. A CMS website provide easy and flexible ways to update contents, to communicate with other users, to expand into a large-scale website utilizing plugins and modules, and to provide different access levels to private data or information.

How long does it take with an economic design option?

It may take three to seven days after you have provided your web contents and general preferences. Please review the initial design and provide feedback if you have any suggestions to improve.

How long does it take with custom design options?

For the basic option, it may take about a week or longer after your page contents have been received, depending what you want, how you want your website to be designed, and workload.
For the extended option, it may take a few more days than the basic design option (e.g, two or three weeks).

What happens if I find errors and/or mistakes?

Simply contact eReachUp to correct them.
They will be corrected timely.

What can I do when I want a new design for my website?

Since this need is not a simple update, it takes another process to have it done. For the custom design, it takes a longer time. Contact eReachUp for details.

How do I pay?

The ordering process will lead you to pay monthly through PayPal using your credit card.

 Peace be with you!

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